TNT Disc Jockeys started with a 45s and albums, progressed to cassette tapes, and then onto CDs.  We now use pioneering audio equipment to bring your event to the next level!

How long have you been in business?

     - Since 1984 (when 45s and record                albums were big)

Do you wear a tux when you DJ?

     - No, we do not wear a tux.  The                      groom wears a tux.  We dress                    appropriately for the occassion. 

Do you charge extra for travel?

     - Yes, but only if the party is far                   away.

Do you charge extra for lighting?

     - Never!  Lights provide an integral              atmosphere needed for dancing.              However, most companies do                    charge extra for lighting. 

Do you sing on the microphone like some DJs?

     - No. That's silly. Plus we can't sing.

Do you MC the party?

     - Yes. We remain professional and                 only speak when needed.

Do you use good equipment?

     - We use high-end deejay systems                (Denon, Mackie, Pioneer, etc.).